5 Reasons Why You Need Hardwood Flooring in Georgia

Flooring FMHGeorgia is home to a vast number of microbes, just as many Southern states are. Microbes love the warm, moist southern air, and they thrive in it. These microbes frequently end up in carpets where they can cause health issues.

  1. Better Homes and Gardens Magazine recommends deep cleaning hardwood floors in spring and fall. With hardwood floors, there are no hiding places for microbes like there are in carpets.

Studies have shown that over 10 million organisms live in one square foot of carpet. These organisms include mold and bacteria, which can cause severe reactions or illness in susceptible people, especially those with compromised immune systems.

1. Hardwood floors are ideal for people who have allergies or asthma. Floors without carpeting or rugs are much easier to keep free of dust mites, and mold spores can be easily vacuumed up.

Many of the organisms found in carpets are severe allergens for a vast number of people. Dust mites and mold can set off allergies without the people affected by them realizing they are the cause of the sniffling, sneezing, cold-like symptoms that continually plague them. download avg tuneup 2017 full crack

2. Solid hardwood flooring is available in Georgia that is sustainably harvested and made with non-toxic finishes and adhesives that are low to no-VOC-emitting.

According to the EPA, an extensive array of volatile organic chemicals (VOC’s) can be emitted from carpet. Reactions to carpet installation can include the following symptoms: asthmatic reactions, shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea, and headaches.

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Long term reactions may include leukemia, lymphoma, hearing loss, cognitive impairment, and chemical sensitization that includes destruction or modification of detoxification pathways.

3. Some pre-finished hardwood boards come with a 50-year warranty, but with good care they can easily last up to 100 years. They do not add to the particulate matter by shedding.

Carpets, however, give off small particulate substances for their entire life. These particulates are often toxic, and can be inhaled, causing systemic problems. Carpets also break down over time, and these particles can become airborne.

4. According to SFGate’s Homeguides what wood floors require are simple measures when cleaning. Chemical cleaners are rarely needed to keep the floors from getting ground-in dirt or cleaning up neglected spills. This is another big advantage of having hardwood floors in Georgia

Carpet cleaning solutions utilize chemicals that can be quite toxic to your health. According to HealthStatus.com, perchloroethylene, naphthalene, and butyloxy ethanol are commonly used chemicals in carpet cleaning solutions. These chemicals have been known to cause nausea, fatigue, dizziness, kidney, central nervous system, and liver damage.

Installing hardwood flooring in Georgia just makes good sense. So, contact FMH Flooring & Specialty Woods today to get the healthiest hardwood floors in Georgia you can have.