Calculating Plank Purchase Amounts

Determining the square footage of your room

When measuring your room, you’ll want to use the widest and longest dimensions. Be sure not to forget any closets or other features that contains flooring. Multipling these two measurements will give you the total square footage.

Amount of flooring product to purchase

The next step is going to use the width of the product you’re wanting to use. If you’re only using one product, then you just need to determine the 5% waste amount. If you want to mix and match products of varying widths, you’ll need to take the total square footage and divide that by the total widths used and then multiply that result by the width in question.

Scenerio: Assume 400 sq.ft. for the room’s area. And you want to mix 3″ and 4″ plank widths. To figure out the amount of 3″ planks to order you multiply (400 * 7) then you divide that by 3. That leaves you with 171.4 sq.ft. You need to include waste so multiple (171.4 * 0.05) and add the result to 171.4 to yeild 180 sq.ft. (round up). nero express yukle

Repeat the same process to get the amount for 4″ planks.

The result to order for a 400 sq.ft. room is 180 sq.ft. of 3″ planks and 240 sq.ft. of 4″ planks.

Flooring Needs Calculator

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