Having Oak Flooring Professionally Installed

Wood floors have been a popular choice for centuries, and there’s certainly good reason why. Unlike carpeted flooring, these surfaces are unlikely to capture and collect dirt, dust, dander, or other airborne debris. This makes them ideal for homes and commercial facilities with allergy-prone residents. Wood floors are also incredibly durable, easy to maintain, and eye-catching. With professional oak floor installation, you can instantly add value to your property. These additions make real estate significantly more marketable, and infinitely easier to flip. Thus, no matter what your goals for your property may be, this flooring can help you meet them. From limiting ongoing floor care to providing an enjoyable and aesthetically beautiful living space, oak floors can add warmth, elegance, and sophistication to any indoor space.

As you consider how natural oak floors stack up to other flooring types, you’re bound to find it far superior to tile, linoleum, carpeting, and even cutting-edge floor epoxies. One thing to note, however, is that oak floors always provide the greatest range of cosmetic and functional benefits when they are properly and professionally installed. Professional oak flooring installation always starts by ensuring that the sub-floors are fully prepared. This prevents problems with individual plank cupping, gapped floor boards, and irritating, noisome creaks. For wood flooring that lasts for decades, boasts superior structurally integrity, and a truly flawless layout and design, putting professionals at the helm of the installation process is essential.

What to Expect When Having Oak Floors Installed

Among the most impressive attributes of hardwood flooring is its longevity. Sadly, however, even minor mistakes during installation can lead to serious problems later on, costly repairs, and a greatly diminished lifespan. For instance, placing planks too close together, too far apart, or even failing to properly align the wood grain can diminish overall aesthetics, lead to excess wear, and result in flooring that’s excessively noisy. Professional installers have extensive experience in handling these projects. They can account for the natural expansion and contraction of wood when spacing planks out, and they can align wood grains for a seamless, beautiful, and ultimately well-planed look.

When preparing your sub-floor, they’ll make sure that this underlying surface is completely flat, clean, and dry. Moreover, they’ll come with the most appropriate tools and equipment for this work. Sub-floor preparation can include:

  • The complete removal of all existing flooring
  • Checking moisture levels
  • Verifying that all substrate is on par with the latest building codes
  • Searching for and removing any remaining carpet tack strip nails
  • Securing loose areas within the sub-floor to prevent creaking and squeaking sounds
  • Sanding all high spots and seams
  • Using plywood and shims to correct any low spots

and other measures. Once the sub-floors have been primed to perfection, the actual installation of oak flooring can begin. These initial improvements will give the finished floors a smooth and perfectly seamless look while minimizing ongoing wear, protecting the floor’s lifespan, and creating a smooth and virtually soundless surface. 

Homeowners who’ve tried tackling these projects before are well-aware of just how time-consuming they can be. Even for a relatively small-sized home, oak floor installation can be a herculean effort for just one or two individuals, especially when they lack experience. Not only does this do-it-yourself project require a lot of labor and ample manpower, but it can also render large portions of the home unusable until the work is complete. When you have professionals install your oak flooring, you can look forward to having everything finished on a reasonable schedule. In addition to minimal inconvenience, you’ll also have the benefit of an entirely clean work area once the job is done. All scrap materials will be collected and hauled away immediately after the installation.

If you’re ready to beautify your home and increase its marketability and value, having oak flooring installed is an excellent way to reach your goals. These floors have a timeless appeal, and the ability to endure for many decades. For superior workmanship and truly outstanding results, call us at (877) 400-0213 today for a quote.