New Flooring – Should You Do-it-Yourself?

Wood Flooring Blue Ridge Georgia

A new floor in one room can totally change the look of that room, and new flooring throughout your home can make it look like a new home. Choosing what floor type you will buy and install is an exciting time, and many people choose that time to also re-paint, buy new furniture, and perhaps even install new appliances.

Selecting the kind of floor is a much bigger decision than just how it looks. Certain surfaces do well in certain locations and we recommend you seek the advice of a flooring expert before you make the purchase.

Here are a few considerations:

Owner occupied or rental
Type of room
Amount of foot traffic
Will water likely contact the floor
Subflooring considerations
Changes in elevation from room to room

Once you have selected the type of flooring you need to decide if you will hire someone to install it or do it yourself. What are the pros and cons?

The first thing you should think about is “how much is your time worth?” Whatever your occupation, time away from doing what you do best is time where you are not making money. You should also know that installing flooring, whether it is hardwood, vinyl wood plank, or engineered wood it is not easy. Even if you have watched a great do-it-yourself program on TV, it’s very difficult.

Wood Flooring Blue Ridge Georgia
Wood Flooring in Blue Ridge Georgia

The only thing about installing a new floor that is easy is that it’s easy to make mistakes. And flooring mistakes are expensive!

We have seen too many homeowners over the years install their own floors and then weep over the mistakes. Sometimes they watch their floor rise up from the base below and try to figure out how to glue it back down.

Wood Flooring Blue Ridge Georgia

We can help you with advice on what is the best surface for your situation and then give you our opinion on the best way to install it. There’s no charge to stop in and say hello!

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