Protecting Your Hardwood Floors from Pet Damage


Can hardwood floors and pets exist harmoniously in the same house? The answer is yes, but you’ll want to take a few steps to keep your floors looking good so they will always be a valuable asset to your home.

Most damage to hardwood floors comes from scratches, so pets or no pets means keep the floor as free from debris as possible. Always have a dust mop nearby and just run it around as often as possible. A little trick to remember is that once you put the mop to the floor, leave it in contact with the floor. Constantly picking up the mop will let more dust into the air and it will settle again….on the floor.

Dogs and cats have nails that can scratch wood, and they should be trimmed regularly not only for the sake of your floors, but it’s recommended by pet groomers to keep them trimmed as needed.

Worse than a scratch, fluids can do real damage to hardwood floors. It’s been our experience that some pets who are not 100% housebroken will choose to urinate on a throw rug. If that rugs sits on a wood floor for any length of time it might seep into the actual wood and do damage. Speak with your vet about training or perhaps keep the pet isolated away from the rugs or where the floor is tile.

If you’re thinking about new wood flooring, there some types that hold up better to pets and resist scratches better than others. Give us a call at FMH and we’ll be happy to answer questions and offer options.

Conclusion: Wood floors are excellent for homes with pets, better than carpet and more beautiful than tile. With a little time and attention you’ll enjoy the beauty and value of your wood floor as well as the love and companionship of your pet.

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