Spring Cleaning: Hardwood Floor Edition

Over the winter months, a lot of things go unnoticed. Specifically what your winter boots track in. When the spring light first shines through your windows and you notice the salt, mud, and debris that were hidden in the dreary winter, you may panic. Don’t worry, it happens to all of us and together we can fix it.

Hardwood floors are incredibly easy to take care of, especially newer Dark hardwood floors. Hardwood is built to last generations so a couple of muddy boot prints will not ruin them. 

FMH Flooring is here to tell you not only how to clean these floors, but also how to maintain them. Also, if you’re a type-A person who takes care of them every day, you can skip to the deep clean portion of this article. If not, welcome! We can help you as well!

Routine Care: 

Each day, take a few minutes to remove dirt and dust by sweeping or dust mopping. A microfiber mop is a useful tool that is easy to purchase. Homeowners have found this to be the perfect floor cleaning solution for daily and weekly cleaning. There are also anti-dust agents that can be sprayed on the microfiber mop; just make sure that any products you purchase are safe for the particular finish of your floor; using the wrong product could lead to severe, and in some cases irreversible, damage. Each week, vacuum your hardwood floors using a wood floor attachment that won’t cause scratches. Removing hard particles that may scratch your flooring is the goal of this task. 

A Beginner’s Guide to Deep Cleaning Your Dark hardwood floor:

  1. Great news! Routine care is something you’re probably up to date on. First, you must vacuum, mop, or even wipe down your floor with a microfiber material. The goal is to remove anything that risks scratching your hardwood floor. While scratched hardwood can be fixed, it’s not a risk you want to take with your Dark hardwood floor.
  2. Give your floors a new life. Over time, life happens. Kids, pets, and even furniture can add wear and tear to your floors. Fortunately, you’re not alone, that’s why there are hundreds of products made to help with your scratches. Liquid scratch concealer will help with this problem. Liquid Scratch concealer acts as a sealant that matches your wood, seals the scratch, and holds up during your cleanings. Just make sure to get a color that matches! Wood floor polish or wax are other great options to help protect your floors from future damage and add a shine that will make your house guests jealous.
  3. The more regular the better. Most homeowners deep clean their hardwood floors every 1-3 months. Consistency is key to keeping your floors in tiptop condition. Regularly cleaning them will make sure you don’t get more scratches from the little things pressed against your floor you didn’t notice, maybe glass, porcelain, or other small fragments that can scratch up your floor.
  4. Cover the high traffic areas. Rugs are the best friend to a hardwood floor. The amount of traffic your hallways get would shock you; a long rug can add years of life to the hardwood floors.

When you invest in beautiful sturdy hardwood floors like our Bruce American Treasure or Bruce Dundee, you’ll want to follow these steps to maintain them.  If you take care of your hardwood floors, these will be the floors your grandchildren will walk on. At FMH Flooring, we sell nothing but the best because that’s just good business. If you have any questions about your floors or are in the market for finally ripping up that old floor you hate, call FMH Flooring so we can walk you through the estimate and flooring process to make sure you know what’s right for you and your family.