Top Remodel Project for 2018

Top Remodel Project for 2018

Traditionally the most popular part of the house for remodeling is the kitchen, but so far 2018 is shaping up to be the year of the bathroom. In the category “major remodels” nearly 25% of homeowners report they will remodel their bathrooms while kitchen fix-ups are down to 18 percent.

Custom walk-in showers are replacing tubs, and many homeowners are looking for a “spa” feel for their bathrooms.

What About Bathroom Flooring?

Wood is the number one look for flooring, even in bathrooms but because you’re going to have a lot of water, you’ll want to choose carefully. Some laminates work well as do many vinyl planks that resemble wood.

Other popular remodeling projects rank like this for popularity in 2018:

Room additions: 45%

Windows/door replacement: 36%

Finished basement: 27%

Repairing property damage: 27%

Decks: 25%

Bathroom additions: 24%

Roofing: 23%

Enclosed/added porch: 23%

Handyman services: 22%

Siding: 19%

Second story additions: 16%

Enclosed/added garage: 12%

Historic preservation: 9%

Finished attic: 7%

As for upgrading portions of a house, new flooring remains the most popular, and it should be because it gives the highest push to a home’s resale value. Far exceeding paint, windows, shutters, and appliances, flooring adds the most to a home’s real value.

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