Traditional Hardwood Flooring Ideas For Your New Living Room

Your living room serves as the social hub of your house, hosting events like cocktail parties and family movie nights, serving as a secure area for children and dogs to play, and serving as a gathering place for quality time with your loved ones. You want to locate the ideal comfy style for your new living room floors, one that elevates your design and provides long-lasting performance for your way of life. There is a different type of flooring that is suitable for you depending on how frequently and for what your living room is used. There is a sort of flooring that will suit your particular demands, whether you envision a formal and beautiful living area or a busy, high-traffic public area. In order to create a warm atmosphere, our hardwood flooring dealers are here to give our top flooring ideas for your new living room. 

Nothing compares to the timeless beauty and sturdiness of hardwood flooring for making your living room a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. We recognize the important role that flooring plays in enhancing the beauty and atmosphere of a room because we are wholesale specialty hardwood flooring experts with experience in the hardwood flooring industry. This blog post will discuss elegant and charming classic options for your new living room.

Classic Oak

When it comes to conventional hardwood flooring, classic oak is always a great choice. It is a popular option for homeowners due to its adaptability, toughness, and classic charm. Whether you choose redwood or white oak, both have different grain patterns and cozy colors that give your living area personality. From light to dark and rich, oak flooring may be stained in a variety of tones to match your interior design aesthetic, guaranteeing a perfect match for any décor.

Dark Walnut

Walnut hardwood flooring is an excellent option if you are going for a posh and sumptuous appearance. It exudes sophistication and elegance thanks to its deep, rich hue and perfect grain patterns. Walnut flooring gives every room a sense of grandeur and works well with traditional furniture. Its longevity and resistance to deterioration make it a purchase that will be a significant investment and guarantee your living room’s beauty for many years.

Timeless Maple

Timeless maple never goes out of style, and maple hardwood flooring gives a beautifully polished aesthetic. Your living area will feel airy and bright thanks to the maple flooring’s soft, milky hue and subtle grain patterns. It is a versatile option that may quickly go with both traditional and modern décor styles. Maple is a fantastic choice for high-traffic areas because of its remarkable durability and scratch resistance, guaranteeing that your living room will look lovely even after frequent use.

Distressed Hickory

Consider distressed hickory hardwood flooring for a more out-of-the-way and appealing appearance. It has distinctive knots, grain patterns, and mineral streaks that give it a weathered appearance and a sense of individuality. The warmth and familiarity that distressed hickory flooring brings to your living space make it the perfect option if you want to create a traditional yet laid-back ambiance. Families and pet owners recommend Distressed Hickory due to its strength and resistance to dents and scratches.

Elegant Cherry

Cherry Hardwood Flooring Cherry hardwood flooring emanates refinement and elegance, making it the ideal option for traditional living rooms. Over time, its rich reddish-brown color develops, giving your home an opulent feel. Cherry flooring exudes sophistication and grace because of its delicate grain patterns and silky texture. This type of hardwood can go well with both traditional and transitional home designs. Cherry flooring will remain beautiful for many generations with proper maintenance.


The right hardwood flooring for your new living room is an important choice that can significantly improve the atmosphere of your area. We have provided you with some conventional options as hardwood flooring dealers who specialize in wholesale specialty hardwood flooring, which are sure to enhance the charm and personality of your living room. No matter whatever type of hardwood flooring you choose for your living room—classic oak, rich walnut, timeless maple, distressed hickory, or exquisite cherry—it will make your space a fashionable retreat that you will enjoy for many years to come.

There are various options to think about while selecting hardwood flooring for the living room. Each opportunity, whether it be a brown hardwood, a light hardwood, or a dark hardwood, has a distinctive appearance and feel. When selecting your choice, it is crucial to take into account your individual design and aesthetic preferences as well as the advantages that hardwood floors may provide. FMH Flooring has taken into account the industry’s quality, aesthetics, and trends. Join us as you begin your next project!