Winter Hardwood Floor Care

Don’t Let Boots, Snow, and Slush Ruin Your Beautiful Floor

When cold weather comes, wood floor lovers cringe because soon people will be trampling through the house with dirty, snowy boots. People also pick up a lot of road salt on their shoes in the winter which can damage nice wood floors. A little awareness and attention will keep your floors shiny and free from scratches and other permanent damage.

Georgia Hardwood FloorsWood floors require a bit more maintenance that tile but we all know it’s worth it. Before the heavy snow starts to fall and temperatures drop, give your floor a really good cleaning. We recommend a good oil soap like Murphy’s and follow their directions. The oil should not be too concentrated or it builds up. You want a nice clean surface.

Lower humidity in the winter tends to cause wood to contract and you may see some gaps between the wood boards and dirt will find its way into these cracks. You’ll want to try and keep humidity in the air with a humidifier to reduce cracks and it’s also good for you, it will keep your skin from drying out.

Protection in the form of rugs and runners is a good plan for the winter, but don’t use rugs with rubber of vinyl backings because they can facilitate the build-up of moisture which may harm the wood.

Have a mat outside your main entrance doors so people coming in can knock of some of the ice and snow, and you may want to implement the house rule we’ve had in my house forever: Shoes off when you enter the house! Place a shoe rack just inside the door with a rug under it to catch the dripping ice and snow.

Your wood floors are one of the most attractive and valuable components in your home. Treat them with care and they will provide long-lasting value.