Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a copy of the warranty for my hardwood flooring?
Click here for warranties.

Is my warranty transferable?
No, the warranty is good only for the original purchaser.

Should I expect color variations in my hardwood floor?
Yes – wood is a product of nature; therefore, you will see variations from board to board in all categories. No two boards are ever the same.

My flooring is cupping and buckling what has happened?

If this happens it is because on one reason and one reason only and that is moisture. It is not a defect in the wood or a manufacturing problem. Your hardwood flooring is dried down to 6% or 8% moisture content from the manufacturer and whenever it is placed in an environment with high moisture it reacts by swelling which in turn leads to cupping and buckling. However in most cases the flooring will return to its original position after it completely dries out.This is usually a result in by poor acclimation and installation.

My wood is denting. I thought I was buying hardwood flooring?
Hardwood contains a cell structure; therefore, if enough pressure is applied, the cell wall will collapse and a dent will appear.

I moved my area rug and my wood is lighter where my area rug was. What happened?
Wood goes through a natural aging process called patina. Bright sunlight can also accelerate this condition. Moving area rugs or other items that may cause this effect from time to time is recommended.

When I walk across my hardwood floor, I hear popping sounds. Why?
There are a number of reasons for this condition. Usually it is caused by uneven subfloors (see manufacturer’s instructions for subfloor tolerances). Improper trowel or improper adhesive could also cause this. Please use all items, tools, and adhesives recommended by the manufacturor for the product being installed. In most cases, the problem is easily corrected.

Can I have hardwood flooring installed in my bathrooms?
It is not recommended, due to the high moisture associated with these areas. It may cause unfavorable conditions for hardwood flooring.

Should I use unfinished or prefinished hardwood?
It is actually personal preference. They both have advantages. For example, if you want to match the existing woodwork, you may wish to go with unfinished so it can be stained to blend with the woodwork. However, prefinished also has some great benefits: longer finish warranties, uniform stain application, and a cleaner environment.

What are edge treatments?
Edge treatments refer to special milling on the edges of each individual board to create visual effects. We offer products with the following edge treatments: square – boards fit flush against each other; beveled – the sides are sanded to create grooves, or an outline effect around each board; and micro or eased edges – which is a slight sanding to create a less apparent outline.

Can I wax my urethane floor?
Yes, however, it is not recommended. Once you wax a floor, it should be maintained as a wax-finished floor. Wax may inhibit the adhesion of future application of top coating materials or make it slippery.

Can I refinish my hardwood floor?
Yes, however, FMH Flooring is not in the refinishing business, therefore, we do not have specifications on how this should be done. We suggest that you contact your local professional to discuss refinishing hardwood floors.

Is there a stain formula available to match my hardwood floor?
We do not have stain formulas available. In order to get a stain to match your hardwood floor, we suggest that you take a sample of the wood flooring product as well as the wood you are preparing to stain to a specialist that can custom blend and mix the product to order. Most major paint stores have custom mixing programs to generate what you need.

If my question is not listed here, how can I get an answer?
Click to contact Customer Service, or call 1 706 664 0353


How can I get my hardwood floor installed?
Click for complete installation instructions.

Can I glue down a 3/4″ thick solid floor?
No, this is a nail-down floor only.

Can I nail down a 3/8″ engineered floor?
We reccomend a staple for most engineered flooring.

After my floors are installed, should I apply a finish coat to seal them from moisture getting down in the cracks?
Prefinished flooring is ready to be used out of the box and applying additional finishes is not recommended. The coating that is used on our flooring is specially treated with UV light and will not allow for bonding with other urathanes.

Where can I install solid or engineered products?
Solid products can only be installed on or above the outside soil line. Engineered flooring can be installed on, above, and below the soil line.

Are there any rooms in the house where I should not install hardwood floors?
We do not recommend hardwood flooring in full bathrooms that have a shower or bathtub. These rooms have the potential for standing puddles of water that can damage wood floors.

What type of adhesive do I need to use with my hardwood floor installation?
FMH Flooring offers a complete line of adhesives. Please refer to our adhesive product pages or the recommended product section included in each flooring product page.


Are hardwood floors difficult to maintain?
No. In many cases they are as easy or easier than carpet, ceramic tile, laminate or vinyl.

How do I maintain my hardwood floors?
Click for complete Hardwood Flooring maintenance instructions.

What do I use under my furniture to protect the hardwood floor from scratching?
FMH Flooring suggests felt protector pads to use in place of the hard metal or plastic buttons that are placed on the legs of furniture. You should use these on all the legs of your furniture to prevent damage to the floor.

What should I use under my area rugs?
A breathable rug underlay. Mesh or grid patterns are best.

What other cleaning products do you recommend for my hardwood floor?
We do not recommend any alternative products for maintaining your floors. Use only recommened cleaners and maintenance products listed by the flooring manufacturor.

Can I roll heavy furniture across my hardwood floors?
No. When moving or rolling heavy pieces of furniture or appliances, use protection, such as strips of 1/4″ hardboard as a runner under the wheels or legs. Always move items with caution.

Can I mop my hardwood floors using hot, soapy water?
No. Water can prematurely age your hardwood floors and cause them to crack and split.